Raise Effect is a Hack Oregon Project to educate folks about how a minimum wage increase will impact families in the state.

Hack Oregon recruits volunteer developers, data scientists, and analysts to work on quarterly civic data projects in Portland, Oregon. I joined the Jobs Economy team as facilitator and data scientist, and led a group of developers, designers and analysts to produce a website that combined census data with a report on family self-sufficiency data to show how a statewide minimum wage increase would cascade through the state at the county level to address the needs of families in poverty.

I led the team through product design to launch, organizing meetings and work sessions and keeping the team on track. I sourced data sets from various sources, cleaned data, performed weighting calculations, and finalized the database design to hold the data. I performed exploratory analysis on the data using R, surfacing the insights that helped the team determine the story we wanted to share.

Jul-Nov 2015
Skills Related:
Data Munging, Exploratory Analysis, Database Design, Team Leadership, Project Management