Feedback Commons is a DIY survey analysis platform for Keystone Accountability clients.

As a long-term contractor for Keystone Accountability, I was the Intrepid Wild Data Scientist on the development team. My work centered around website improvements to Feedback Commons, an application for clients and consultants at Keystone to learn about the Constituent Voice methodology, create surveys using benchmarked questions, and track and analyze the survey responses.

Feedback Commons has a Drupal front end, and a python backend using the cherrypy framework and incorporating the SurveyGizmo API. Three databases were in play, the standard Drupal relational database, a custom relational database and a Mongo database. I completed a sitewide redesign, creating a custom boostrap theme that applied seamlessly to site pages served both by Drupal and CherryPy.

I refactored code used to develop and deploy tutorials and landing pages specific to organic groups, such that launching private group space in Feedback Commons took significantly less time. I overhauled the analysis area, upgrading the data visualization javascript framework from Sparklines to D3, redesigning the survey analysis management screen, the survey analysis navigation, adding sentiment analysis to open text questions, and providing charts for interpreting Net Promoter Score questions that included the ability to display a timeline of NPS scores, grouped NPS scores by other questions in the survey, and compare the individual scores of two NPS questions with the ability to color the plotted points based on a dropdown menu of possible categorical data.

Mar 2016 - May 2017
Skills Related:
Web Design, UI Design, Logo Design, Branding, Data Visualization, Python, D3, Drupal
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